Programs: Cashback and Loyalty
Programs: Cashback and Loyalty
Programs: Cashback and Loyalty

Retail meets community engagement with our shopping programs, as part of Marketing by GFG (MbG). 

To keep customers coming back by making their shopping experience with us an exciting one, ZALORA creates touch points along the consumer journey to inspire and engage our customers. Leverage these programs and grow your e-commerce business alongside ZALORA, a part of Marketing by GFG (MbG).

ZALORA Cashbacks

ZALORA Cashbacks


Cashback Campaigns

Cashback Campaigns

We aim to provide our customers with more exciting incentives to shop on ZALORA, giving them the opportunity to earn perks for future orders while they shop. This added incentive provides opportunity for campaign diversification and has increased customer repurchase rates over the past 6 months.


Free Cashback

An opportunity to encourage customers to shop, with free cashback given to customer accounts to push particular brands/categories in time for events themed around the brands (eg: Launches, sports sales, beauty week).

Cashback can be used to offset 50% of the subsequent order, allowing customers to add on to discount and avail the benefit of cashback, even on non-sale items or items not within the discount campaigns they are participating in.


Advantages Of Cashback

  • Cashback provides an alternative tool to incentivise customers to shop on ZALORA.
  • Cashback can provide increased incentive for SKUs that brands do not want to discount.
  • Hybrid discount and cashback vouchers perform stronger than discount-only vouchers with equivalent promotional discount.
  • Lower return rates by allowing customers to manually confirm cashback upon delivery of items.


Types Of Cashback Campaigns

  • Standalone Cashback Campaigns - Cashback only campaigns
  • Hybrid campaigns that offer both discount and cashback %
  • Cashback Injections - Shop now to earn $ value cash back to use on future purchase
  • Stackable cashback cart rules - Buy form brand and get extra 2% CB
  • Max cap on cashback - Earn 100% cashback up to $x

Earning Cashback


Earning Cashback

Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships


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Bespoke Campaigns

We work with industry partners in crafting personalised campaigns to meet marketing and business objectives, targeted at ZALORA customers.


Gift Cards

We sell corporate ZALORA Gift Cards in bulk. We can work with Gift Cards on demand through a Third Party Gift Card Processor.


Event Sponsorship

We collaborate with partners on sponsorship opportunities for major ZALORA events, such as ZALORA Big Fashion Sale, 11.11 and 12.12.


Parcel Inserts

Reach our fashion and lifestyle-savvy customers at the best part of their retail journey - unboxing their orders from ZALORA! Parcel inserts may include flyers and/or samples.

Please contact us for more information about our partnerships solutions and offerings.



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